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Our social lives are now revolutionized by our messaging apps and social medias. Nowadays, almost everyone owns an account on at least one of these social media networks and use them to stay In touch with their friends and family. But you may have started asking yourself if it is possible to hack Facebook account to spy on someone’s Facebook messages. So is there a spy tool that is able to hack Facebook password? Is it possible to read someone’s Messenger messages without them knowing? If you are looking for an answer to these questions, you are in the right place. In this article I will examine some of the most efficient methods you can use to hack a Facebook account.


Facebook account and Facebook Messenger

Facebook spy tool: Underspy application

One of the most professional monitoring tools which can be used to hack Facebook password is Underspy application. There are many spy tools available on the market, but in order to be able to spy on Facebook account, you will need to choose the most efficient spy tool.

You may want to know how it is possible to hack Facebook password on Android or how to hack Facebook account on iPhone. The solution to this is an application called Underspy. Underspy is an undetectable spy tool which runs in hidden mode and allows gaining control over a device remotely and anonymously without the person knowing. So you can easily hack a mobile device and track its messages and be sure that the victim will never find out. Underspy Facebook password hacker allows you to:

  • Access someone’s Facebook account without having their password
  • Read all their Messenger messages without them knowing
  • Access all sent and received Facebook messages without touching the target phone

Underspy is by far the most professional and the most reliable tool which can be used as a Facebook password hacker. Another great point about Underspy is that it is absolutely easy to use. Here are all the steps you need to take if you want to use Underspy Facebook spy tool:

  • Create an account on the website and purchase a subscription or request a free trial account
  • Download Underspy application and install it on the target device
  • Login to your control pane and start remote and anonymous monitoring

One of the most prominent features of Underspy is that it is simple and easy to use. This means that you do not need to be a professional hacker to use Underspy to hack Facebook password. Another great point about Underspy is that its features are not limited to Facebook monitoring only. In fact, you can have a variety of spy features with Underspy. Here are some of them:

facebook hack
  • Track and record all the calls
  • Monitor text messages
  • Track GPS location
  • Ambient voice recording
  • Monitor phone gallery
  • Monitor messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, LINE, etc.
  • View web browser history and block specific websites
  • Send remote commands to do a variety of monitoring functions such as turning cellular data on or off
  • Monitor installed applications by viewing app usage history or block specific apps

You might wonder “can I spy on facebook messenger for free?”
Your answer is right here:
Underspy application. As I mentioned earlier, it is absolutely easy to use Underspy and it is also free to try. You can benefit from this professional tool to hack Facebook account quickly and easily.

Hack a Facebook account without downloading application

Hack Facebook password with “Reset Password” hack method

Another way you can use to crack Facebook password easily is by using a very simple trick known as password reset trick. This method might not be as efficient as the previous method as you might be unable to hack Facebook with this method, but it can still be considered as an easy trick to hack Facebook accounts if you have the requirements. When you forget your password to your Facebook account, you can use the rest password option to change your password. But this can also be used as a way to get into someone’s Facebook account easily and then change their password.

Here, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide to hack Facebook account with the Reset Password method:

Step 1: the first and the most important requirement for this Facebook hack method is to have the email of the victim. This means that if you want to use this method to access someone’s Facebook account, you first need to have their email. You may be able to find their email address on their Facebook account or you can just ask them to give you their email.

facebook hack

Step 2: On the login page, click on the forgotten password button and then you will need to type down the email of the victim. Facebook will ask you if you want to reset the password via the typed email. This will not work for you because you do not have access to his or her inbox to receive the new password via an email. So, you need to click on the ”no longer have access to these?” link.

facebook hack

Step 3: On the next step, you will be asked how you can be reached if you canoot access the email. So, you need to type down your own email address . This email address must not be associated with any Facebook account. On this step, you will need to answer a security question. This is the tricky part because you need to make a clever guess at this point. Also, answering this question must not be that difficult for you if you know the victim well and he or she is your friend. If you don’t know the person, you can then rely on guessing only to answer the security question. If the answer is correct, you can change the password to the account and you will need to wait 24 hours for the account to be accessible for you. So if having access to the target device is not possible at all, you can give this method a try.

Hack Facebook account without surveys

Use a keylogger spy to hack Facebook

Before I proceed to talk about our third method to hack Facebook account, you may need to first know what a keylogger is. A keylogger is a piece of hardware or software that is used to record and store all the typed data on a computer or mobile device while someone is working on it. A key logging software is also able to record all the single keystrokes on a computer or mobile device. Simply put, a keylogger software is a type of hack tool that is used to spy on a device by capturing all the typed data. Another name for these tools is keystroke logging. This means that all the entered words through the keyboard will be collected by the keylogging tool and will be transferred to the hacker.

A keylogger tool can be used to find the password the Facebook account of someone. Much like any other monitoring tool, a keylogger also needs to be downloaded and installed on the victim’s device, so you need to have physical access to the target phone. Once you have installed the keylogger on the target device, you will be able to hack their Facebook account. The keylogger will run in the background and in hidden mode and you will be able to hack Facebook password fast and easy without the target person finding out. A keylogger application can be programmed to send all the captured logs to your email account.

As a software keylogger needs to be installed on the target device, a hardware keylogger will also need to be connected to the target device like a USB drive. A hardware keylogger is usually in the form of a USB drive and you need to insert it to the target device. Then you can easily store all the keystrokes on the USB drive and use it later.

Both software and hardware keyloggers can be good options to hack any Facebook account. But if the target person has saved their password on the web browser and does not type it when they are logging in, you will not be able to access their password and you will just be able to view the messages and the comments that their type on Facebook. A keylogger only shows the typed data afterall.

If you are looking for a great keylogger which is reliable and can hack Facebook account easily and gather akk the typed Facebook messages, you can use StaffControl application. This application is a software keylogger which is able to store all the key strokes entered on a mobile device once it is installed on it. This application runs in the background and in hidden mode so that the victim will never find out.

Hack Facebook account online

Using phishing method to hack Facebook

Another method which can be used for a fast and easy way to hack Facebook account is through phishing. In comparison to all other methods which are explained above, phishing is a more difficult method to use in order to hack Facebook and requires more expertise. So what does phishing mean?

Phishing is when the hacker sets bait for the victim and tries to convince the victim to give the type of data that the hacker wants. In order to hack Facebook password with phishing, the hacker usually creates a fake login page and sends the link to the victim. By creating a fake Facebook login page, the hacker will convince the victim to enter their Facebook username and password, while in fact the victim is giving the hacker their password.

In order to use phishing method to steal Facebook password, you will need to send the URL of the fake Facebook login page to the victim. The victim will enter his or her login data to the fake page and you will access all the information instantly and without getting caught. But this method is difficult to implement because it is not that easy to create a fake login page and a hosting account. So if you want to hack someone’s Facebook account without them knowing and by using phishing method, you will first need to learn how to create a clone website which might be a little difficult for you if you don’t have much knowledge of computers.

If you want to stay safe from phishing and the hackers who want to steal your Facebook password, you just need to be cautious about the URL of the page which is asking you to enter your credential data. Also, phishing might not just be in the form of a URL. It may also appear as pop ups on different websites as you are browsing the internet.

How to crack Facebook password instantly?

Use web browser to hack Facebook

What professional hackers do to hack Facebook accounts is to run some codes and develop some applications which allow them to hack accounts remotely and without any sort of access to the victim’s device. This means that professional hackers do not need to touch the target device and have physical access to the device in order to hack it. In fact, they are able to hack passwords remotely without the need to have physical access to the target device. But what if you are not a professional hacker and you want to hack Facebook account? In this case, you definitely need to have access to the target device in order to hack Facebook account.

When you login to different accounts, there is a “Remember me” option which allows you to save your password on your web browser so you will not need to enter your password every time you want to login to your account. If the target person has saved his or her password for an easy login, this means that their password is saved somewhere on their device and if you have access to their device, you can definitely find their password as well.

Different web browsers store passwords on different locations and their password settings might be different. Once you have access to the target device, all you need to do is to head to the password settings of the web browser that the target person uses. If there are more than one browser, you may need to check all of them to finally find the password. Open the web browser and now you need to find the password manager section in the browser settings. It may be different depending on the browser (Internet Explorer “Manage Passwords”, Chrome “Passwords and forms”, Firefox “Saved Passwords”, Safari “Passwords”). On the manage password page you can easily view all the passwords that the victim has saved on his or her web browser.

Why would you need to hack Facebook account?

People might have different intentions to be looking for a Facebook hack tool. If you are a mother or father, you definitely have worries about what your kids are doing online and with their mobile devices or computers. You might worry that your kids might get in contact with total strangers and this may endanger their safety. In this case, what you need to do is to spy on Facebook to keep a watchful eye on their online activities and their activities on Facebook. In order to do so, a monitoring tool such as Underspy can help parents to be vigilant and protect their kids against the potential risks of the virtual world.

Another reason why someone would want to hack Facebook account and spy on someone’s Facebook messages is when they are having doubts and uncertainties about how honest their partner is with them. It is true that relationships must be based on trust, but sometimes doubts and uncertainties can ruin a relationship even worse than infidelities. In order to find out the truth and catch a cheating spouse, you can spy on their Facebook messages to find out who they are talking to. This will allow you to find the truth and end all your worries.

In addition, if you are an employer and you want to increase working efficiency, you may want to keep an eye on your employees by using an employee monitoring tool such as Underspy. This will allow you to find out if your employees are spending their valuable working hours chatting on Facebook Messenger or wandering about on Facebook. You will also be able to protect your business by finding out if your employees are sharing your company’s confidential data with your competitors and they are being dishonest with you.


If you have searched for a Facebook password hacker online, you have probably come across a great number of apps and online tools which claim they can hack Facebook account. But if you are looking for the best result, you definitely need to choose a hack tool which is reliable and professional and it is guaranteed that it will work well.

Not all Facebook hacker tools provide you with the same successful results and that is why you need to make a wise choice and stay safe from scammers. Learning how to hack a Facebook account is not easy and it may involve risks as there are many applications which are scams and they all end up hacking your own account or stealing your money.

As I mentioned in this article, there are several methods which can be used to  hack Facebook account. Some of these methods are more elaborate and requires more knowledge of computers and more expertise, while ome other methods are designed for novice user and can be used by almost anyone.

Of course, all the methods have their own positive and negative aspects and you need to choose a Facebook hacking method which suits your needs and your expertise the best.

If you are looking for a recommendation, I must say Underspy can be a great choice for you as it is reliable and it is guaranteed to work well and efficient. Underspy can be a great choice for Facebook monitoring purposes and the good point about it is that it is absolutely easy to use and you will be able to have a number of great monitoring features along with the Facebook spy feature. One more important point about Underspy is that it is a great choice for the ones who do not have much knowledge of computers as it is very fast and easy to install and use. Also, it is totally undetectable and you can do the monitoring remotely while you need not worry for the target person finding out.

The final point is that you need to be careful not to fall into the trap of advertisements which claim they can provide you with a Facebook hacker. There is no such thing which allows you to hack Facebook account without touching the phone at all. In fact, it is impossible to hack Facebook account by username only without touching the target device. There might be some websites which claim they can hack any Facebook account by proving them the victim’s Facebook username. But the truth is that such websites are all scams and they try to steal your money or steal your personal data by claiming to be able to hack Facebook.

So, if you are looking for the best results, you definitely need to make a very wide choice and choose a hacking method which is trusted and people have used before. An application such as Underspy can be the best choice for you if want a reliable Facebook hack tool.

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